Thursday, February 16, 2012

The journey!!

These pictures were taken a long time back...on my way back from work. My bus no longer takes this route and  yes I do miss going by this route. Its funny how attached I tend to get these days to routines. But we dont want to discuss about that boring topic here.

Here's a glimpse into what used to be my routine journey!! :) 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hola again!!

"Hey stranger" That's what the blog said to me today when I opened this page...or at least I imagined it would have said to me if it could talk...Actually I would expect my blog to miss me a lot and welcome me back with "Arms wide open" yes the song playing in the background just to be more dramatic;) ,happy tears to find me writing again and all in all..a very moving and touching moment for both, the blog and me  :) Boy!!Wouldn't that give me a boost to start blogging again!!

However the reality is, lets say, more realistic...the blog has no feelings and is just another blank page for me to write on.*bam bam baam* Its a dark room and the laptop sits there waiting patiently under the harsh desk light as the lonely girl types away to glory the the next "IT" blog post that will bring her fame n fortune!! *chrrrrrrrsht* n back to reality....
And yes I am just desperately filling up the blank page with some last wretched attempt to bring back my blog from dead!! So here's what I have got...

A few posts lined up and a few ideas running like the deer being chased by lion on that Animal planet show. So lets just hope I will set them free on this blog over the next few weeks and then soon before I know it , it would have become a habit again. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed (no seriously they are...here's a fuzzy lil picture if you don't believe me
) and hope to meet ya soon! :)