About me

ummm..so what do you think of my cube? Pretty rad huh ;)

 Finding new hobbies seems like a perfect hobby for me :) One month I am dedicated to writing and the 
next I would be equally dedicated to photography.  So over the past 22 years if I have learnt anything it would be to not restrict my self to one thing. I just go with the tide :)
My family consits of my parents and me and a LOT of cousins ,aunts, uncles,friends etc...and I love and adore each and every one of them. 
 I enjoy flyovers, sun sets and am particular about maintaining an empty recycle-bin in my computer.
 Any song tat I listen often enough to know the tune becomes my fav and though my blog has a lot of pink, it is not necessarily my favorite colour.
I haven't yet made any significant contribution towards any charity organisation and I feel very guilty about that 
and would like to change that soon.
I can appreciate any animal but ONLY from a distance. and love plants but am too lazy to maintain a garden.
All in all I am just a girl with a lot of jumbled thoughts that I want to share :)