Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hi!!!My first post:)

This is my first blog as the title says and am still in the process of learning...I thought I ll just tell a little about mself here...

I have just finished my last exam and will soon become an official engineer.So once I start with my 9-5 job I guess I wont be as regular with my blogs but I ll keep trying as much as I can:) So this will be the creative outlet for me I guess where I can show you all the crazy stuffs that I ll be doing.

I am like a jack of all trades master of none.I like trying new stuffs and hence I often end up not really learning any one thing completely,before mastering it I would have moved on to something new:( Still like every other human being I try as much as I can to better myself...
Hope you enjoy reading my blogs:)


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