Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A trip along the memory lane...

I had been to my old college yestersay. I havenot been out of it for even a month ,yet I already miss it...I wrote this poem which seemed to depict my mood yesterday night.


Lying on the clean new sheets
Staring at the walls colored wheat
The smell of paint and turpentine
is still lingering in that room of mine

It feels like just yesterday
The first time i took the step that way
and now the destination is here
but still i yearn to be there

I ponder,I think,
How my life seems to go by in a blink
the time spent doesnt really matter
Thinking about the memories always feels better

A turn in the wheel,a bat of an eyelid,
and there's a new life like iron solid
new goals to be made,uncertainities to face
I steel my resolve and with a smile I embrace....

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