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OK,I have decided to post my novel chapter vise as I finish writing them...:) I hope you guys enjoy it:) Here's the first chapter...

Chapter 1(1819 A.D-Elizabeth)

Elizabeth couldn’t believe that her friend had decided to get married so soon without even knowing anything about the person she was about to get married to. All Caroline knew about her future husband was that he had an honest job and would provide her with all the necessities...well and a few children. But, What about love? What about courting? What about building a friendship first? If her friend knew what she was getting into then she didn’t want to interfere. But one thing she knew for certain, she would never get married like that to a man without even knowing what he was like or if they would get along together. True she wasn’t one to sit dreaming about being married like most of the girls she knew, she would rather go horse riding and hunting with her cousins or uncles, or read a good book which transported her to new world so completely different from the one she lived in. Yet, with most of the girls her age getting married she couldn’t help but think what she wanted and what she didn’t in her married life.

If one were to ask she wouldn’t have told you that she felt trapped in her life, after all she came from a wealthy family and her parents were honest understanding people who never forced her to do anything she didn’t want to. She was much better off than most of the other people out there. She wasn’t constantly nagged to behave like a proper girl and not do any physical chores like Caroline’s mom nagged Caroline. Elizabeth always never understood why people had to differentiate chores into boy chores and girl chores. Her parents always insisted that she does help around the house and as long as she did that they didn’t mind if it was chopping the wood that she did or cooking in kitchen. But she did realise that not everyone in town were as broad minded as her parents. So in fact she felt she was lucky that she could lead her life of freedom and most of her days were filled with happiness. She was curious by nature which made it easy for her to learn anything, may it be sewing, cooking, reading or horse riding. Sometimes she even engaged in the games that her brothers played...but that didn’t mean she was good at everything. She was good at some while not so good at others especially when it came to physical work but as long as it gave her satisfaction she definitely didn’t mind doing anything.

But it was this same curiosity which made her wonder what it would be like to live in a completely different world. When she read books from past or about mythologies from various other cultures she wished she could be transported to those places just long enough to see what they wore, what they ate, how they governed, how justice was served...oh the list was endless. She felt guilty for entertaining such thoughts but that was just a part of who she was. No matter how much she tried she just couldn’t stop her thoughts from flowing in that direction.

She looked up with a smile on her lips as she saw her favourite nephew come running to her.”Aunt Lizzy, aunt Lizzy you have to come with me and see grandpa’s attic” The 10 year old was bursting with excitement and she couldn’t help but play along with him.”It has the spookiest feeling to it aunt Lizzy. I just couldn’t go there on my own. But I do intend to explore that place. Please aunt Lizzy you’ll come with me and we can explore it together can’t we? Please? Please?” She looked at his innocent pleading face and didn’t have the heart to refuse. Since she didn’t have any immediate job to take care of, she decided to go with him. A little of his curiosity rubbed on to her too as it had been long since she herself had explored the attic.

She lighted a wick and then they opened the door leading to the attic which made her nephew frown “Well! I didn’t realise there would be light here. Now it doesn’t look that spooky after all...”She had to laugh at how unsatisfied he looked at the prospect of missing out on an adventure, but putting the light off would make it extremely difficult to explore the attic so she continued without saying anything. They found boxes filled with some old clothes, lots of paintings of people she didn’t recognise and a few yellowing books. She also found a few letters bunched up inside an old rickety trunk which also contained a few knickknacks like ribbons, a dried flower, and a necklace with a beautifully engraved pendant. She realised that this must belong to one of her ancestors and decided to find out more about them. With that thought in mind she continued exploring the attic but didn’t find anything as interesting as the trunk, though same couldn’t be told about her nephew. He found many items which could interest a ten year old like shells, feathers some fancy looking pebbles and marbles. Soon he grew tired and hungry and they decided to come back to continue with the explorations later. She collected the trunk which was not very heavy and they went down to the house together. She left the trunk in her room before she went to have dinner with her family

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  1. Hmmm looks lik Lizzie is inspired by ur personality Shru :-) looking fwd to the rest of the story.. keep writing :-)