Sunday, August 29, 2010

My jewellery Creations 1

At this moment around the world...

A chameleon changes its color as it move across the landscape:

A white mist rises from midst the dark depth of the ocean:

The pebbles weave a new story each minute:

The clouds paint the clear blue sky:

The morning sun gives hope to lone fighter:

The dew drops adorn the pure white lily:

The Majestic Zebra observes its surroundings:

A ferocious lioness tends to her cubs:

The brown bark makes way for fresh green leaves,a new beginning:

Note: Hi guys...Remember the temporary light box and the jewellery that I had made? These were the collection of chains/necklaces...Please comment and let me no what you think..:)


  1. wow..brilliant!! :) i still wonder how u get time for all of this shru!! :)

  2. AWESOME SHRU! They look really really lovely! :-)