Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I remember wearing a my mom's clothes and shoes and wishing like crazy that I was a grown up.I don't really remember why may be because I thought I could run around all I want...cause I loved running but was often scolded by my mom who always feared I would fall and hurt myself. But now that i have "grown up", I realised I no longer want to run...A part of me still is a child and just refuses to grow up,I still like to stick my tongue out at people I don't like(of course when their backs are turned;))rather than speak ill of them,I still like to twirl in my twirling chair in my office,I still like to eat without control and then go to my mama when my tummy aches....

But the fact is to the outside world I am a "grown up" woman. I am no longer the roo who can play around with Winnie,I am no longer the baby leaf who has the protection of the big tree.I have grown.PERIOD...Do i like it?Doesn't matter.Cause I have grown and there is no choice.

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  1. oh so true!! :D i can relate to tat, except tat i don remember ever wanting to grow up!!:P maybe bcos i tht i was already grown up ;) but i seriously doubt tat :D more like peter pan who never wanted to grow up! :D but, as u said..we've no choice! :D