Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A bright night

Deep in the midst of trouble,Asha holds on to hope even if it's just a street lamp in disguise as Sun.

She saw shelter even underneath the barest of the trees

The strength is after all as useless as the bricks without mortar to hold them together.

Without hope even her friends seem giant,hostile and angry,

and the trees looked dark and dangerously looming.

The rustling of the leaves was just another whisper of the devil.

Every creek of the gate created paranoia

Every shadow associated evil.

But with hope things looked brighter and fresher.

She started to see color hidden in every nook and corner

Every discarded object seemed like new opportunities...

Any distance seemed attainable,any barrier was reduced to a speck of dust

She felt power growing into her and pushed herself to new heights.

Like a new born leaf she cleared her history and decided to start over with a new vigor

Note 1: Recently,It gets dark by the time I reach home .Hence I get to admire how the various colors seem to come alive when bathed with the strong golden colored street lights on my walk back home. This seemed to beckon to me everyday and finally I succumbed to its call and took a few snaps...I have not edited or used any effect on any of these photos.Enjoy:)
Note 2: Trivia~Asha means hope in Hindi


  1. Does all these photos out of ur Galaxy..? BTW, who poses for the shadow ?

  2. nope...these were from my dads sony cam...n me n mom posed for te shadow:D these snaps were taken on one of our evening walks:)