Sunday, October 3, 2010

My magic no 7!!!

I really didn't plan on this.But I just realised how I seem to be unconsciously posting exactly 7 posts each month ever since I started blogging...So what does this say about me???

<Paranoid>Am I turning into Voldermot???</Paranoid>

<Revelations>may be I am very organised and never realised my hidden trait</Revelations>(mom: Ya right!!!   Me : Whhaatttt??!!! I said MAY BE")

<Relief>Hey at least I am still blogging. I thought I would run out of ideas long before I reached the 4 month mark and then it would be just another site where I register and forget all about it</Relief>

<Question> Should I break out of the rhythm???</Question>

<OCD*> May be I should post 7 post/Month for 7 months and then for the next 8 months 8 posts/Month and then...</OCD>

<Evil> May be I have hidden powers and can use this to overtake the world Hahahaha </Evil>

ummm ok please don't call the psychiatrist...I am all right now...I swear...I am ok...

*OCD=Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


  1. Congrats for ur continued efforts...!! so lemme see if I am going to see another 6 for this month or more...

  2. U r working too hard shru! :-) or not at al ;-)
    PS: there is no ending tag coz ur joblessness is endless :-D
    BTW how do u plan to use ur magic 7 to rule the world? :-P