Monday, December 27, 2010

Just stuffs...

Have been quite busy with life now...So here's just a few things that I did ...not very recently.

Its just funny how I seem to make time when I have work from morning to evening to do all these things...but I just seem to not have any time at all during the vacation to spend on the small pleasures in life and it all just seems to pass by in a whirl wind. Well I guess it is my fault considering I cant seem to stop hopping from one house to another each day (Oh don't worry its not random houses ...just my cousin's houses and for sleep overs:)) plus have a new trilogy that I seem to be hooked to!!:)

Ooh and I almost forgot...Wish you all a belated Merry Christmas...:)


  1. the lamp shade is pretty impressive. Did you kill a flower to put the prints on it ;-) ???
    I loved the little octopus guy ... will definitely get along with the voodoo dolls.

    btw... may be you should try hopping into a random house one day ;-)

  2. How did u do the impressions on the cloth ?

  3. I used a wooden stamp which had the impression of the flowers to put the print..