Friday, December 31, 2010

Old Poems...New year..

Hello :)
So its finally the end of 2010...And the count down has begun:)
Here's a poem that I had written when I was 10 years old...n it was 2000's eve.I found it while I was going through my old poems and felt compelled to share it:)


Millennium Millennium the Bi millennium is coming,
With all the fresh ideas and the new saplings...
Just think about it
and You will never forget the hit,
Millennium Millennium the Bi millennium is nearing.
Welcome it with sweet words like good morning.
Think of the day,
Everyone filled with gay..
Decorating the houses like honey bee,
Fully busy whatever it may be..
Wah! What a day it would be,
With all the eagerness to celebrate the Bi millennium.

LOL:) I was so proud of my poetry skills;) Wish you all a very Happy new year!!:) Have fun!!


  1. Wow. Nice Shru . I cant believe you wrote such gud poem when you were just 10 yrs old :)

  2. I cant believe it either Vandu..:) hehe:)