Friday, January 28, 2011

Heads up!!!

Its with mixed feeling that I am saying good bye to my blog's first look.
This is the only place where the first look of this blog  is captured forever and  I am giving you all readers a  heads up that the blog might not work right or look messy till I am done.!! So please be patient and hope you guys like the new improved look!! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiration from the internet

Past few days have been dedicated to doing things inspired by the millions of DIYs available on net...A quick update with three things that my cousin and I have been doing over the past few weeks:

1.We used rangoli powder  to make some plain looking glass jars more interesting and then decorated them from outside with wire,beads and glitter. This DIY can be found here .

2. I had to try out a dream catcher of my own after I saw this wonderful tutorial by EvaForeva

We tweaked it a little by adding felt buddies instead of feathers as we wanted to add a little bit of our crazy fun element:)

3. And finally the wreath from this tutorial was tweaked a little and used according to supplies available for us:)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Chapter 7(2010 AD)
Charlie woke up early next morning and prepared breakfast. Then he got ready and went to the airport to pick up Katy. She looked very tired, but he just couldn't get her to stop asking questions about Elizabeth. “If you promise to give me two hours of Elizabeth free time in the house I will tell you all the details about her on our way back” He said finally.

“I cross my heart and promise...please tell me about her now and then give me half hour to meet her and then I’ll never again mention her...” she said with a pout. Charlie raised his eye brow “never again?” he said sceptically. “For two whole hours” she corrected immediately and they laughed together. He kept his side of the promise and told her all the details including what Nat had told him the previous night about her stay in his parents’ house.

Soon they reached home and first thing that Katy did was knock on the guest house door. Elizabeth seemed to have just finished taking her morning shower and she looked wide eyed at Katy. Charlie introduced the two of them and he took Katy’s luggage up to the main house and left the two girls to do all the chatting. Soon she came back beaming and said “You know what, I have a feeling she’s genuinely from the past...else she is a better historian than me.” “You promised not to talk about her for at least two hours...remember?” “Hmmm I did didn’t I? Dang it...” Charlie laughed. But he was pretty nervous now that the time had come
for him to propose.

He had already laid out the breakfast and he led Charlie toward the dining room. Soon they had completed breakfast amidst laughter as Katy told him of all the adventure and experiences that she had on her trip and both of them cleared the table, well he couldn't argue much once Katy had set her mind to do something. Then to Katy’s surprise Charlie insisted on taking a walk and as soon as Charlie reached the spot he had decided upon, he got on one knee and proposed to her.

Katy was not one to cry easily. So he was surprised and scared as sudden tears sprung in her eyes. But soon he felt relieved when she smiled through them and accepted to marry him. They were now officially engaged and Katy now seemed like she would in fact never talk about Elizabeth ever again!!! They spent some more time outside wrapped in the blanket of bliss and happiness and slowly wound their way back into the house. It was only when they saw Nat near the door animatedly teaching something in a book to Elizabeth that they
remembered about her.

Before they made their presence known to the two people, Charlie pulled Katy aside to
convince her to let Elizabeth spend another day with his parents while he would try and postpone his appointment so that they could spend their engagement day together peacefully.Katy accepted and he ran to make the required arrangements.

After a quick phone call..(the client was very understanding and more than ready to meet the next day) he came back beside Katy who was inspecting the flowers in the garden and together they informed Nat and Elizabeth the happy news. "She almost said no cause she was terrified to have you as the brother-in-law...but then I convinced her that she doesn't have to be civil to you.. so she agreed" Charlie said with forced seriousness and Katy nudged him..."Well I am awesome...and, it would be difficult to have to make do with a mediocre person like YOU ,when someone dashing like ME, is around ...and I did warn you yesterday... aint that right Katy?" asked Nat with equally forced seriousness."You are absolutely right Nat. You just read my mind" "Hey not fair" and everyone burst into laughter. Elizabeth and Nat congratulated the happy couple and they left to the give the newly engaged couple some privacy.

Katy looked at the retreating backs and wondered out loud "Looks like your brother is getting along pretty well with Elizabeth."
"Yes it does look like that. A little too well in fact. Do you think we can tell him the truth now?"
"I guess we could . Else it might become a little awkward when he figures he likes a girl who is almost a century older than him"she said."I overheard their conversation by mistake and its funny how determined he is to make her a computer expert. Did you see the book in her hand?"
"I saw it with her yesterday actually. He told me that she didn't find computer useful and you had to see the expression on his face then...it was priceless"
"LOL I wish I was here too" she said laughing...
"Katy do realize you just said LOL instead of just laughing?? Elizabeth is going to have a hard time fitting into our family I guess"
"oh !! I did didn't I..ya I guess you are right!! " and they spent rest of the day without any idea that Elizabeth and Nat were having adventures of their own.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Just fooling around

I have no time in my hands...Seriously...Thats why I haven't been able to blog for days together:( Sorry about that...But its during times like these that I get easily side tracked...Like for instance I had fully planned to write the next chapter of "Breeze from the past" but I ended up taking up the quizzes in www.spacefemmites.com. So yes I am feeling very guilty as I even display my fab results. Any way here you go:

This was the first quiz result:
Making the journal?Oh yes!!! Writing inside it every day...umm not so much :)

Well I didn't need a quiz to tell me that!!! Or does it always give this result irrespective of what I enter...hmm something to think about..

Your rainbow is strongly shaded yellow, green, and white.

What is says about you: You are a contemplative person. You appreciate optimism. You're good at getting people to like you. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

I don't see green and white in the Rainbow in MY blog!!! :( Well may be its time I change it then (Wink wink...hint hint ;):) ) 

And the finally 

Well This is true ...what can I say!! ;) hehe :)

Will be back soon with proper posts I promise !! Sorry for the long delay:(