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Chapter 6(2010 AD)
Elizabeth insisted that she do some work around the house to earn her food and shelter. She said she could clean up the house or even the garden. But Charlie insisted that she take at-least a days’ rest before she could start working. To tell the truth he wasn’t comfortable with her working and wanted just some time to think of the recent events on his own.
He led her towards the guest house which was a little to the left of the main house. But when Elizabeth saw him turn in that direction she asked him incredulously “Are you making me sleep in the stable?” and she blushed realising she had spoken her thought out aloud. Charlie stopped in his tracks. “No, the stable has been converted into a guest room as we no longer keep the horses. Did...is this the same house you lived in?” he asked. She nodded and they continued along the path. Once they reached the guest room he showed her how to work with the shower and turn on the heater. He gave her Kathy’s skirt and blouse. The fascination on Elizabeth’s face was quite apparent at the new inventions but she was still a little apprehensive about the clothes. She said with a small laugh, “I can now imagine how Sarah must have felt coming from her past.” Charlie didn’t, but still he nodded his head.
The next day Charlie gave her breakfast. He had decided the previous night that his mother might be a better person to deal with Elizabeth till Kathy came back. So he asked her to freshen up and took her to his parents’ house. They made small conversation where Charlie told about his family and how she could help in that place especially with Scintilla having had a miscarriage and needing a few days rest. He had already called his mother and filled in on the new developments and the required arrangements had been made for a few days. Of course he couldn’t tell her that she was from the past as they wouldn’t believe and probably scold him for letting such a girl live with them, so he decided to tell them that she was a from a small village in a foreign land .That would make it much easier to explain the accent and would be convenient reason for her lack of knowledge of the present day inventions.
Elizabeth listened to him carefully including the instructions to keep up with the fake identity. Soon they reached Charlie’s parent’s place and he introduced her to his mom, dad and Nat. His mother welcomed her warmly with a hug, a cookie and a big glass of orange juice. She always seemed to think orange juice and cookie could help solve any problem in life...probably one look at the sad eyes of Elizabeth were enough to let his mom know of her pain...His father gave a curt nod and went back to reading the newspaper and Nat who seemed to have just woken up did a comical curtsy, which  would have gone unnoticed by everyone else except that she curtseyed back!!! That certainly caught attention of everyone in the family. “Oh you make a fool of yourself and look she responds so as to ensure you don’t get embarrassed. If I were you I would forget all about that grocery gal , young man” his father said. Charlie could hold back his laughter no longer and soon everyone joined in including a red faced Nat, except for poor Elizabeth who just smiled politely, unsure of what had just happened.
After making some small talk, Elizabeth and his mom went to get on with some chores around the house and Charlie decided to give his brother’s new game a try. He had to admit that the game was distracting and pretty good especially since he won the game. He wasn’t sure if Nat let him though but he didn’t let that bother him much. He was eager to know when exactly Kathy would be back as he didn’t know how long he could keep Elizabeth’s identity a secret from his family.
He called Kathy as soon as he reached home and was more than exited to know that she would be back the next day morning!! And he hadn’t decided on the perfect dish to cook yet!!! His plan of having the perfect engagement would now have to a little astray now especially considering how he would have to visit his new clients at the construction site tomorrow afternoon but he intended to make full proper utilization of the morning hours. So he got down to preparation and the rest of the day was spent in cleaning the house and getting the right recipe and ingredients.
It was only when Nat called to tell him that he would be escorting Elizabeth to the guest room, that  Charlie remembered the real reason behind Kathy’s early return.  Yet nothing could now hamper his excitement at meeting her tomorrow. When Nat and Elizabeth reached home he was surprised to see them talk and laugh and for the first time Elizabeth seemed to be genuinely enjoying her time. And the fact that Nat had taken up the responsibility to make conversation was really surprising. Soon Elizabeth retired for the night and again surprising Charlie, she had a “Computer for Dummies” book in her hand. ” You have already had your influence on her I see” he told Nat.  “ It’s surprising how one has been born in this age and hasn’t even seen a computer  till now Charlie. I don’t know man...she seems genuine and sweet and you know...really curious...And believe me she really has  never before touched a computer. Or a camera for that sake of matter. Mum was telling me that she didn’t know how to operate the dishwasher, coffee machine and the washing machine. When we gave her coke she started spluttering and literally spraying all over the place. Yet let me tell you its not for lack of curiosity or ability. She has been learning some faster than the other, but learning never the less. And  she made this really weird tasting porridge today for lunch...Oh and guess what she doesn’t find computer very interesting or useful!!! Can you believe that!!!” She saw a use for the coffee maker, for the telephone, for the washing machine and dishwasher...but she couldn’t figure out why we have to have computers...Thats why I gave her that book....Oh if she can read she will know its worth and oooh wont she be sorry for what she said..and haha...hehe.hehe...you wont belive the disaster that she was with the oven...man she’s awful at baking...I’ll tell you that!!!” “Stop Nat, take a breath in between will ya you have been speaking about her for like 10 mins straight...I see she’s had an influence on you as well...” “He come on big bro you weren’t at home today anyone would be talking about such a strange little girl let me tell ya that...We had to be at careful throughout the day as we had no idia as to what she would do next..or ask about next.” It must have been difficult for all of them today, but somehow the slight flush told Charlie that Nat atleast might have answered a few too many questions than was necessary. “Speaking of you being a no show today what were you doing all cooped up in your house? Dont tell me you are still not done with that book!!”  Hmm quickly changed the subject too...Definitely something happening in there Charlie thought...but decided not to probe further...for now. “I have been making preparations my dear brother, time for you to get a sister-in –law don’t you think???” he said. “Wow! Oh my GOD are you going to propose to Kathy? Finally” He said with a smile “All the best bro... And don’t worry if she says no, its probably because she wants to marry me don’t take it personally” “Oh no don’t worry we are family and I could never take it personally Nat...you did get my charm and a few of the same genes as mine  after all!!!” and they got into a friendly banter and little brotherly scuffle...

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