Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flower Extravaganza

Nope its not spring here...but I wish it were!!!I really miss seeing the variety of colors around me.So I just felt the need to showcase all (I know this has been a looong post I did say ALL) the photos that i took during the spring summer time...:)
Why does the earth have to revolve and why do we have to have 4 different seasons...Couldn't we be stuck in spring forever???---musings of an ignorant and hopeful girl...                         


  1. Hmm..Indeed a big post..Good Shots....Where was this taken ? i liked the 3rd one..Had u taken without the background obstacles, it wud have been too good...

  2. I took it all over the city...wherever I wud find a nice flower...out came my cam :) 3rd one...I tried to get that perfect shot too but wasn't lucky enf:(