Monday, November 22, 2010

A writers block!!!

I had written this poem a long time ago out of frustration and lack of ideas...ironically it seemed like a good enough reason to get me writing again...so here it goes..
I keep thinking,i keeping trying
but all i m doing is just burning
There is so much to write about
there is so much to speak aloud
but not a word seems the right one,
all the voices seem to come undone
There is a profound silence in my mind
Amidst all the chaos that i can find
Not a single thought seems to stay
They all are just a bit too far away
There is a feeling that i ve to do something
then why can't i find any topic worth a fling?
none of my ideas seem to do justice
oh!till i get this out i cant find peace
Am i just not enough clever
Or is this the biggest writer's block ever???

I need to start writing poems again!!!Or should i not???

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