Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Daddy's lil princess:)

I was looking at old snaps that my dad had clicked a few days and back and I was pleasantly surprised to see that i had clicked quite a few snaps which were very similar to what my dad had clicked...And my mom's views that I had the same qualities like dad's have been finally proven...:) Have a look at the pics below for further proof...I know they are not exactly same ....I just found the similarities pretty hard to believe!!![the pics in black and white have been obviously taken by my dad and the ones in color were taken by me...]



The below pictures were taken in the same place but at completely different times :)(around 10-15 years difference  minimum)


And the Final proof --Dad in his NCC uniform and me in my school's volunteer uniform :)

Oh and my dad has quite a collection of amazing black and white photos from his early twenties which I will be uploading soon...:)

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  1. I have to appreciate U for showcasing Ur Dad's work.(Proving Ur definitely his lil princess :P) The one I really liked is your granny's home in ur dad's view and ur view...And Of-course the little princess photo at the end :-)