Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello :)

If you are thinking "there she goes..putting up another sunset snap"...well think twice :)
Cause this was no sunset...it was Moon rise:) It looks pretty bright huh??
This was picture taken on Saturday night when Moon was closest to earth in 18th years. It was called the super moon.   

To tell you the truth, initially it did look very bright and big (bigger than in the pictures)...but then after some time, it looked like the moon an any other full moon day...The above pic is proof that I did try to measure and compare;)

Well...ok, not just compare but also taste it ;)
[umm...I tried to taste first n then measure it...hence it is more lighter in this snap than the previous....But my story has a better sequence this way mesa thinks...]

It tasted very good I must say ,but, I care about other people who live in this world...so I didn't gobble it up;)...Well the moon is still all there...Go on...check outside..you know you want to ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Nat kept talking on the way back and little did he realize that Elizabeth was unusually quiet. He kept up his stream of constant chatter about computers as if the little talk with his brother and soon to be sister in law didn't happen at all. But Elizabeth on the other hand was just distantly aware of his presence, her mind was totally occupied by memories which were hidden deep inside till now. She remembered that her best friend was about to get married when she left and now she wouldn't get to share her friend's happiness.

The fact that her friend must think of her as dead was really upsetting. But Elizabeth had already made her decision to live in the present and not think of the past, so she pushed all these thoughts and concentrated on what Nat was saying. "...So if you want to buy anything all you have to do is log in to the Ebay site and choose the one you like among the various options that they present you with and just type in you card no and the payment is done." " Wat is the card no used for?" " Oh!! It given by the banks to enable the...." and the conversation went on..

When they reached near the house Nat suddenly stopped Elizabeth and said " You know ever since you came here you have just been working. How about I just take you around for a day...Like give you a tour? We could do anything you like" Elizabeth realised she did miss riding her horse and  hunting. She agreed readily so that it would help her forget about her past too. " Is there any place where we could find a horse and go hunting?" She asked. That was the last thing that Nat expected her to ask but he masked his surprise and said " We could find a horse for riding I guess but hunting is not really allowed around here." But he smiled at her slightly downcast face and said " but there is something that you might find interesting."

 He took her to a neighbour's house and they borrowed their horse for the day and both of them went racing each other through the country sides. For someone who was new to the place Nat realised Elizabeth did move around with a sense of ease and familiarity. He didn't mention it though...after spending some time playing around he guided her towards a shooting range.

As soon as she saw the targets and the guns her whole face lit up with excitement and they went on to have a round of match. She was both impressed and terrified by the power of the new guns and bullets but she loved the tough competition that Nat was in each of the games,may it be horse racing or shooting. After the hour was up both of them rode up to a nearby restaurant and had a magnificent lunch. She loved a few of the items that were around but Nat did burst out laughing at her expressions for a few new items that she tried...especially when she had ice cream for dessert.

On their way back home they came across a photo booth and Nat saw Elizabeth look at it curiously. Nat realised this must be another thing that she has no idea about and took her in and both of decided to take a strip of pictures. Elizabeth looked shocked and scared in most of them except in the second one where she was laughing at how scared she got the first time. She was amazed at the pictures of herself when they got the strip. Nat realised with a little surprise that he would definitely like to keep these pictures with himself. But dismissed the idea and decided to let her keep the pictures when he saw her looking at them longingly.

Elizabeth found herself thinking about the outing very often as she did her chores back home.
Nat was again cooped up inside his room in front of the computer and she was a little disappointed that he didn't seem to be thinking about it as often as she was. Finally when it was time to go back to her room she decided to immerse herself in the computer book and learn as much as could about the world that was her new home.
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