Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello :)

If you are thinking "there she goes..putting up another sunset snap"...well think twice :)
Cause this was no sunset...it was Moon rise:) It looks pretty bright huh??
This was picture taken on Saturday night when Moon was closest to earth in 18th years. It was called the super moon.   

To tell you the truth, initially it did look very bright and big (bigger than in the pictures)...but then after some time, it looked like the moon an any other full moon day...The above pic is proof that I did try to measure and compare;)

Well...ok, not just compare but also taste it ;)
[umm...I tried to taste first n then measure it...hence it is more lighter in this snap than the previous....But my story has a better sequence this way mesa thinks...]

It tasted very good I must say ,but, I care about other people who live in this world...so I didn't gobble it up;)...Well the moon is still all there...Go on...check outside..you know you want to ;)

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