Sunday, May 22, 2011

An old glory

Hello!! :)
Nandi ,is supposed to be the gatekeeper for Shiva and Parvathi according to Hindu Mythology.And in this short horror story it seemed to be there to forbid the people from entering the place. But three girls-eager to explore and get some adventure decided to discard the signs and whispers and decided to enter the ruins.

Inside were the 19th century pillars ...

a painted tree...

 and a long abandoned stable.

Further on ,they explored only to find an old building filled with pretty walls:

broken rooftops...

mystique windows...

faded writings...

pretty carvings..

cobwebs and broken bricks...

and most surprisingly of all the quietly observing Ghost...

   The End of the horror Story!! 

Just a conversation that I could imagine with the reader:

Me: Do you think I would make a good horror story writer?
Reader: umm..
Me: What??
Reader: er..
Me:I am waiting..
       hey wait why are you leaving!! Ans my question I say!!..huff!! 


Small things in life!!!

Now a days I have been obsessed with small things in life and being thankful for them...When the thread of routine starts to weave its suite around you ...it tends to get a little alarming and scary at times.

And do you know when it gets even worse?

You remember about the times when  (not) reading about stress/work-life balance/budgeting/healthy living etc would make you think .."hey tats for the grown-ups...I  don need to worry about that...now which movie can I watch this week with my friends" ? and remember how before you know it ,the (not) is gone n you actually do the reading and the thinking becomes "Damn!! I need to learn to do that...n get more organised"

 ...Tats when!!

So I decided to follow the saying of some wise dude that said " Live each day for tat day and before you know it the year will be done" or some such thing..Also "Awkward and Awesome" Thursday posts by Sydney in her blog-The Daybook" has been a very nice inspiration for me.

How long will this lil bug last? I have no idea...But I am glad it has caught on and I shall embrace it one day at a time...for as long as it last..:)
So the moments that I am thankful for this weekend:
1) Walking around my house and spotting an old grandfather playing hop scotch with his granddaughter who was busy explaining all the rules of the game.
2) Watching two little guys run around as close as they could just to escape  my cousin  who kept trying to catch them and their happy/naughty smiles when they would get away.
4) Watching my cute lil 8 month old niece and nephew giggle as they were made to pretend kick at his aunts...
5) Eating mangoes-a LOT of mangoes.
6) Proving again (only to myself) that I perform best when not under pressure...n just because I didnt do well once doesn't mean I cant do better the next time...( Well how did I come to that conclusion you ask? I played shuttle...n I suck at it while playing a match but am ok (not good...ok ...n yes tat is better than suck) while just playing without the whole tension of match n scores.)
7) Watching a small cute lil bug scuttle across the screen as I write this post.
8) Finally getting my Degree Certificate as the final official step towards becoming a BE grad a a full time engineer!!
9) Today being a day before I start a formal diet,When I decide to go all out and eat everything that is a fav and a strict no-no once I start dieting...(well I am in the phase in btw two dieting periods...so it was nice to eat ice cream after like two months...again now its time to say good bye to icecream for next 3 month )
10) Adding a 10th point just cause I wanned to seem like I reached an official number which counts...cause duh!! everyone knows 10 is soo much more official n nicer than 9)

Yippee-di-doo for the happy moments!! :)