Sunday, May 22, 2011

An old glory

Hello!! :)
Nandi ,is supposed to be the gatekeeper for Shiva and Parvathi according to Hindu Mythology.And in this short horror story it seemed to be there to forbid the people from entering the place. But three girls-eager to explore and get some adventure decided to discard the signs and whispers and decided to enter the ruins.

Inside were the 19th century pillars ...

a painted tree...

 and a long abandoned stable.

Further on ,they explored only to find an old building filled with pretty walls:

broken rooftops...

mystique windows...

faded writings...

pretty carvings..

cobwebs and broken bricks...

and most surprisingly of all the quietly observing Ghost...

   The End of the horror Story!! 

Just a conversation that I could imagine with the reader:

Me: Do you think I would make a good horror story writer?
Reader: umm..
Me: What??
Reader: er..
Me:I am waiting..
       hey wait why are you leaving!! Ans my question I say!!..huff!! 


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