Thursday, July 14, 2011

My area...

A whole big fat year is up since I finished college started working...I have finished going through all the emotions of a newby(the first appreciation mail, the first mistake, the fire drill, the cultural day, the cricket matches, the team outings, an overnight trip and the list goes on...)   and have become a proper professional I guess.
So now would be a good time to show you how my cubicle looked for the past year(well one interesting side of the cube at least) 

These voodoo dolls were supposed to bring me bad luck or were put there atleast to test if they would ;) :) Too bad they are not going back...

These treasures were added as part of the gifts from some of my very good friends:) 
The Arabian lady and man was given to me as part of a game called "White elephant" . I know there is a lot of luck involved but the fact that this gift was bought keeping me in mind made winning this so much better:) 
The mug with a dog was given to me by my friend as a token of thank you for volunteering in organising in one of the activities held in office.

I had seen this idea of birds on a line somewhere in internet.(Unfortunately I don have the link) and had fallen in love with the idea. So I ended up using that in my cube decoration too.

And this was a contribution from one of my witty friends:) He decided that the bird had to poop and there had to be a guy standing right below that bird :D 

This small peek by itself is enough to show that work life and a 9-5 job is not necessarily boring:) but yes there are times when you wish you could just stay under you bed covers and not have to leave at all...
Well they are all part of life don't you think?? :)

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  1. So cool Shru :) Love reading ur posts :) Keep writting.