Saturday, June 2, 2012

A challenge!!

Hi All:) 
I usually am not a big fan of June. The days are usually cloudy and gloomy and it also means the end of holidays(I know!!  I no longer go to school yet continue to I dislike the thought of school ) .
So this time I am trying my best to keep myself occupied and think about anything but the weather . 
One good distraction that I thought might work is the idea of Journalling:) 
So I took up this 30 day challenge 

Hoot hoot!! I am excited:) 

I am new to the concept and I am hoping it will keep me occupied and happy. 

Here is my first entry : 

this should be OK for a beginner..right? Right? 

Oh please say yes!! ;)  You can go like this entry from here :) 

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