Friday, June 18, 2010

Art project is done:)

Ok, writing about my art project yesterday motivated me to finish it...so here's the final pic...

I just used an old globe and made this as a gift for my aunt...She liked it:)

On a completely different note...I m watching GLEE and I m loving it.And I am reading the 2nd book in The Wheel of Time series. So you can see how I keep getting distracted I guess:)


  1. whoa! is it d same globe??? u must kno tat i'm referrin to d dusty grey globe tat we named SHRU'S PLANET :-D this thing u've done is absolutely cute! :) gud job :)

  2. Yes mic the same one:) Thank You :)And as expected Thank you thank you thank youfor following:)

  3. Wow d Shru planet has reformed..it looks out of d world (pun intended ;-)) quite a few shru-ed ;-) up creatures inhabiting it I see.. good luck to them :-P
    Anyways awesome work Shru! looks really cute :-)