Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chocolate wrappers!!!

There will certainly be at least 1 person who'll remember me as the 19 year old chocolate wrapper collector...cause when I was 19 I was obsessed with collecting them...Now I can say they have finally come to use:) I used two old bottles and pasted the shiny wrapper around them.
I don't no if anyone reads at all...but I just feel compelled to write the reason for my absence...My house is getting re-painted so was busy with that and also spent some fun time shopping with my cousins:)
Will try and post snaps of my newly done room soon,cause I m using this opportunity to redecorate my room:)


  1. haha..yesssss..quite a few of us remember the 19-yr old chocolate wrapper collecter! ;-) as to how d bottles look, no comments ;-) but the snap looks gr8..wat wit d mirror effect n all..wen i saw it first i tht it was a random abstract picture u found somewhere online! :-D finally d wrappers r put to rest ;-)

  2. Gr8 work shru! :-)

    Btw for this 1line comment I had to do so many things so I thought I might as well add a few more lines! ;-)

  3. wow shru superb work (both the blog n the stuff u ve done in the hols ) so proud to hav a creative friend lik u ;) as i always say :)