Thursday, August 19, 2010


Chapter 3(2010 A.D-Charlie)

Charlie looked out of the window of his modest 2 storied house just in the outskirts of Mistran city. He loved his place that he had renovated all on his own. When he first finished studying architecture and had hit a jackpot on his first project designing the ultimate shopping complex for the city, he was itching to explore the historic architecture around the area. That was when he had stumbled upon this perfect lot which came with a couple of acres of land and the tumbled down house. He decided he would make this his new residence and had immediately bought the place. Surprisingly the deal was good and he became the owner without much hassle.

He was a quick learner from beginning and he enjoyed helping his father who was a mason when he was young. But he was more creatively oriented and he knew he couldn’t just stand there and build what others asked him to. He made a conscious decision to become an architect and designer. The job seemed to be made for him. He loved the challenges and the freedom. He was also glad to get a house so close to where his parents lived so he could visit them often. He had a brother whom he could trust with his life and a super hot girlfriend who was at present overseas on work for a month. She was a historian and he met her when he had to consult her regarding the historical value of the various things he had found at his new home. Since then there had been no looking back and he knew she was his soul mate.

Together they had worked on renovating this house and making it their home by ensuring that it retained its old glory and yet had all the modern day facilities and amenities. He remembered the day they had found a trunk filled with a bunch of old and almost torn letters and how exited Katherine had been. The letters were written between someone names John and Sarah and frankly speaking he found the content of the letter hard to believe. But Kathy was exited and searching around more for the items mentioned in the letters. She did find an old gun, some toys and a few clothes but there was no way they could tell if those things belonged to the same family that wrote the letters. But as he suspected there was no locket which matched the description of those mentioned in letters and “supposed to have magical properties” was present. He decided it must have been some kind of code or an inside joke and left it at that.

He had already chosen a ring at a vintage shop and hoped to propose Kathy as soon as she returned in this house after a hot meal cooked by him. He had already made plans for how they would have their 19th century themed wedding in this very house. He couldn’t wait to make Kathy all his.

He finished the coffee he was drinking and decided to visit his parents before leaving to work. He had meeting with a potential client today and he had prepared well for it the previous night. Now all he needed to do was relax and meeting his parents and being in the house he grew up in would definitely calm his mind. But once he reached his parents house he realised that he had to seek for the calm somewhere else. His 20 year old brother Nat seemed angry and way too gruff as he chopped of the wood making a lot of noise outside the house. His parents didn’t seem to notice his mood as they were busy talking a grieving Scintilla their maid. He decided he would better deal with his brother and would talk to his parents later. Nat was always one to keep his feelings within himself and Charlie worried that one day he might have an overload of emotions and finally break.

“Wow did the fire wood attack you in the night bro? Go easy will ya...” He said with a slight smile. Nat smiled but continued chopping with the same intensity.”Please let me grieve in peace for the love of my life has decided to go looking someplace else for love. I don’t want you trying to make me smile. I have to warn you that your shameful attempts to lighten the mood of this soulless black holed excuse of a person, is going be all in vain. Especially considering the consolation comes from a man who has the love of HIS life safely loving him back”. “Black holed? Does such a phrase even exist?”Charlie joked at the theatrics of his younger brother. Nat had a soft spot for the new girl working at the local grocery store for the past month but hadn’t been keen enough to ask her out. So he knew the big words of heart ache couldn’t have been for real. Nat just felt a jab at his ego as ever since the first day she showed more interest in one of Nat’s friends than Nat himself. Charlie knew that only thing hurt here was his brother’s ego.”You know that the right one will come by soon and then you will be glad that you didn’t have to settle for nothing more than a small crush. Nat nodded and Charlie thought it would be best to change the subject.”So why is Scintilla crying?” Nat sobered up “She had miscarriage. Poor thing was really looking forward to having this baby I guess. But you know I am not very good at handling such situations so I decided to stay away from it.”Charlie felt sorry for her. He looked one last time at her tear filled face and decided he better get going ” K then meet ya later” he waved at his brother and left the house.

The meeting went well and his client seemed impressed by his new design ideas. The contract was signed and work would begin on the new building by next week. He wished that all his clients were that easy to please. He came back home after the long day and as was tradition called Kathy and spoke to her about the day for some time. Then he went on to have supper watched a bit of news on television and went off to sleep.

The next day was a lazy one; he didn’t have much to do at work so he decided he would read a book that he had been planning to read from quite some time. Around noon when he was almost lost in the story of the book he was pulled to reality by the knock on the door. It was his brother with a bowl of steaming pasta and various other items that his mother had cooked. His mother often sent him food which she would prepare through Nat because she worried that he wouldn’t feed himself properly which on some occasions was true like this one where he got distracted.

“So how is the broken heart?” He asked his brother as he sat down to eat his meal. “Its healing surprisingly fast...I guess I was not that into her after-all” he said. Charlie rolled his eyes and continued eating.”So, you up for playing my newly developed hardcore computer game? Me against you. I will even let you win for once.” Nat asked with a smile. Charlie loved his brother and loved such playful ribs even more.”Oh dear Nat how thoughtful of you but I am afraid I’ll have to reject the offer as I have a book to complete and you have a job to go to” “ugh, you didn’t have to remind me that ...the responsible kid” he said making Quotation sign with his fingers. Nat worked for a software firm in the city. As his parents’ house was fully equipped with high speed internet and new computers and up-to-date software, Nat had the liberty to work from home most of the time. Though this might come across as an ideal situation it was only temporary, cause Nat wanted to start his own gaming company and was just saving up for that purpose. Nat decided he must get going and went back to his place. Charlie then spent a pleasant afternoon completing the book.

But the same couldn’t be said for the rest of the day. In the evening he went for a walk in his land and he returned to see a girl of about eighteen years of age crying in a corner of his dining room.

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