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Chapter 4(1819 A.D-Elizabeth)

Though Elizabeth asked her parents, uncles, aunts and many people around the town she couldn’t find anyone who knew anything about any John or Sarah who suited the description. They seemed to have led a pretty normal life as she couldn’t even find any note of them in any of the books or newspapers. It seemed pretty odd, a girl materializing out of nowhere would cause some stir but she guessed John and his family must have ensured to keep it a secret. Finally after a week of fruitless searching she decided to leave the matter alone. But she continued wearing the locket and necklace.

Her life continued as usual for the next couple of month. The only news to stir the peace were the frequent reports of families being killed in their bed and being looted in a few neighbouring towns. As the crime rate was increasing the police and Sheriff were pretty busy trying to find the crooks and keep the town safe. Her sister and brother had gone back to their own houses and life was pretty quiet. She continued rummaging through the attic once in a while to find something interesting but other than some books she didn’t find anything of much interest.

But after a cold afternoon in November it all changed for better or worse she couldn’t decide. She was riding her favourite horse Thunder in the fields along the road when she saw a weary stranger who looked like he would pass out any minute. She quickly got down from the horse and asked if he would need any help. On closer inspection she realised that inspite of all the dirt and the messy hair the stranger looked very handsome. His angular face, strong broad shoulders and the slight stubble made him look very manly and attractive. She quickly dismissed those thoughts gave him the water from the holder in the saddle. He drank it noisily but still didn’t seem to have the energy to talk properly. He needed proper nourishment and rest and he needed them quick. She decided to take him home and immediately helped him onto her horse.

Once he was properly nourished he seemed much better. He seemed pretty kind and Elizabeth found herself admiring him more with each passing minute. She was pleased when her dad offered him a place to stay for the night in their house before he could continue with the journey. She spent some time showing him around the house and them he retired into a room for the night as he was tired. During the tour she learnt that he was a traveller, out to seek adventure, who got lost from his group a few days back. He seemed keen on carrying on with the journey as soon as he was well enough to do so. In the mean time he would work in the town in exchange for food and shelter. He had also run low on his travelling supplies which he had to replenish. She hoped she would get to know him well during his stay in the city.

That night she was suddenly woken by a loud bang. She immediately climbed out of the bed to see the lower part of her house in fire. When she turned around to run out her room she saw the stranger, Jonathan he had called himself, standing in the doorway with a lopsided grin. There was certainly something not right about it. Why was he in her room? Why was the house on fire? Where were her parents? She pushed those thoughts aside and said “We got to get out of the house quick. Let me get my parents and the servants. Come we have to hurry”. But he continued to block her exit and didn’t seem concerned at all. She looked up at him in confusion and that is when she saw the evil gleam in his eyes. She slowly backed towards her dresser so could get her hand on something to hit him with. “What have you done? Is this your doing? “. “You are a smart little girl aren’t you? It’s sad that you will have to die so soon just like the rest in this house.” he said advancing towards her. “How could you? We helped you. We took you in and ensured you were treated well and this is how you treat us? You creep” She cried though she knew it was pretty useless. But she just needed to keep him distracted from her deliberate movement towards the dresser. “You did help me kid. But, not to get well, you helped me loot you. I guess your parents didn’t warn you about nasty scheming strangers.” He still had that irritating smirk and something about his arrogant behaviour riled Elizabeth. With a war cry that would have woken the whole farm if it still had people in them, she hit the stranger with the thick comb that she finally had her hands on. But unfortunately he ducked and charged at her. She couldn’t get away from him fast enough and now he seemed really angry. He hoisted her up on his shoulders and started walking out of the house. She kept banging him and tried to get away from him, but he seemed to be made of stone. Once they reached downstairs she realised the extent of damage done to the house. He bellowed something and that’s when she realised he had some accomplices to help him out but she wasn’t surprised. Another person came out from the smoke with a bundle undoubtedly filled with all the important n worthy stuffs from her house. “Make it fast the fire is quickly rising...we can’t risk being caught in a burning house again...” he growled.”Aye boss...and I see you got a prized treat for us” the other guy replied eyeing Elizabeth the whole time. She felt shivers of disgust run up her spine. Involuntarily her hands went up to her neck and she rubbed it against the pendant and the next thing she knew she was in an empty room which seemed familiar but yet foreign.

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