Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The romance of the cloud and sun...

The Ruler of the sky is reduced to a shy bride when he wakes up to find the clouds waiting for him.

But the world awaits his arrival,nestled in the blanket of dawn

Finally the clouds stop the teasing and make way for a new beginning:

Unaware of the brewing love story,life on planet Earth moves on like that of an innocent child in the presence of yearning parents.

But the clouds and sun continue to play hide and seek in the vast playground...

and when the sun gets angry and tired,the grand white mists form shapes to amuse and humor the piqued ruler.

Finally the day ends with an affectionate adieu...

Note:I have started to enjoy this kind of posts where I get to click snaps and make them weave a story of their own...let me know what you guys think:)


  1. hey shru..this's an awesome post!! :) gr8 photography too..do more of these..really interesting :) like it loads :)

  2. U really wrote this stuff?? U r gettin creative wit words too now! Very nice..Keep up d work n post more! :-)