Sunday, October 24, 2010

My jewellery Creations 2

<A hunger struck maiden>

The Tangy and zesty juice filled her mouth when she bit the ripe plum.

However the green apple's delightful aftertaste was not one to be forgotten.

The wine red tomatoes were calling her to be tasted and savored from a plant close by.

The golden perfection of the Mangoes hanging from the tree did not lack attention of the hungry eyes of the poor half fed maiden.

The colors in the garden were lost on her as she stood starved. Her only aim to fill her rumbling stomach.

The ringlets of cloud above smiled upon her as she sighed happily looking at the food around her.

And the flowers around her whispered ,as the girl ate oblivious to the happenings around her.

Note: The button bracelet was originally Ali's idea<if anyone watches CTFxC on youtube you would know her> rest of them were all my own ideas :)

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