Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I agreed to put up a puppet show for the kids on Family day which was held recently in my office. I never before have made puppets or even watched puppet shows in fact.So why did I decide to volunteer?  I just wanned a challenge I guess...

Well I wouldn't say it was the best show ever,but I did my best to put up a nice entertaining show thanks to the immense support of my family, my cousin who helped me do the puppets and the background and encouragement from my colleagues. I took a lot of tips and tricks from Internet-my only source of information and direction and came up with the act.(Thank you google image search:))  In the end all I can say is I hope people enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed putting the show together.:)


  1. Cooool.... I missed it...I am amazed by ur patience in making these kinda things yet bringing in the creativity at it's BEST !!! WAY TO GO Shru... :-) BTW, u explained hare and tortoise story thru' puppetry ?

  2. Good job Shru :-) looks cute :-)