Thursday, November 4, 2010

A rendezvous with the bubbles....

My cousin got a gift coupon to buy books in a book store but we were quite happy and surprised when we found that the bookstore sold more than just books!! We bought bubble solution cause we felt the immediate need to play with them . So here are a few fun snaps with the bubbles...
Big bad bubble,here it comes

Bubble within a bubble with the wind it turns

Try to touch it and pop goes the bubble

To try to hold it,well!! its a trouble

Difficult it is get a double

So I just went over the rubble

to make a bubble that looked like a pebble

But I got ones that looked like stubble

yet I was in love with the bubbling bubbles...

Note : And yes I decided to add this tiny poem that I wrote with a lot of "ble" words to go with the pics:) Hope you like it!!!


  1. awesome poem shru :) :) m jealous ;) he he :) gud one!! nice pics :)

  2. simply adora"ble"....:)

  3. Thanks Ruchie:) also thanks for following my blog:)Keep commenting n visiting:)