Saturday, November 6, 2010

A day with friends...

I realise its become very rare that I use this word("hello:)") these days in my blog.When I started writing initially I always ensured that I would start with a smile...It was a good thing and I must remember to continue using it...Feel free to send in a kick or poke when I forget to use it again...:)

Ok coming to real heart of the matter...I spent a fun and amazing day with friends from col:) We watched Goolmal 3 and spent the whole time laughing and half the time wondering if we are actually laughing at the joke because it was good or because the pj was way too lame...but when you are with a gang famous for not just cracking lame pjs but laughing at them and acting silly ,overall, you will enjoy every moment of such a movie I guess...

We spent rest of the evening wandering around the mall and just having a blast together.

And considering the fact that its been just about 4 months since we are out of college,one would think majority of our conversation would have skirted around the good times that we had together in college...surprisingly not once did we think about college...We seem to have grown so close together that we have even forgotten how we actually got together and it just seems like life has been like this since ever...:)

So yes generally in a very happy mood today...:)


  1. i m really impressed after reading it . Miss u guys . I so wish to come back Asap n meet u all

  2. Hey nice post Shru :-) Good observation! It really feels awesome to realise that we still mean the same no matter how long it has been! :-)
    Lucky to have such amazing friends! Love u all :-)

  3. @Su: Thanks di:)
    @Subbu : Y the sad face???you ll meet us soon don't worry
    @Rath: Yes Rath,do come back soon....it wud be nice for all of us to meet up again together:)

  4. Hey.. Amazing blog! That was one hell-of-a-day. And I read ur blogs btw.. :P