Saturday, February 12, 2011

A diary entry...

Here's how my day started off on the last working day of my week:)

"Its just 8 30 in the morning and I am in my office cubicle with a truck load of work for the day before the weekend dawns. Yet I am smiling and humming to my self as I listen to this fun tune cause it is perfect for the day:)

I just have this feeling that nothing can go wrong on a day when you walk out of the house and the first thing you see is the sun winking through the branches of lush green trees. I travel for an hour every day to get to work in the morning. And I see the same old things everyday. But everything just seems brighter and filled with life and vigour today. Every normal act puts a smile on my face:)

A sleepy passenger struggling to stay awake in a bus, A girl twirling around as she waits for the school bus and her mother looking at her with a smile on her face, a couple of stray dogs fighting next to an old rundown shop, Eastern Egrets skimming the water while they hunt for food in the tiny lake, colorful flowers adorn the sidewalks,the paling sculptures at every crossing, soldiers in training marching across the ground, late teenagers zooming past in their new cars/motorcycles.. ooh there goes a cute guy!! hello Mister...well!! this is what you would get to see if you travel my route every day!!"

The days went to be uneventful and on of those boring days but I was this obnoxious girl who could just not wipe that smile off her face irrespective of what the other person was saying:)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A trip to the Subrahmanya

Between Jan 14th and 17th I had been to a place called Kukke Subrahmanya and visited the amazing temple there and a few of my relatives' houses around there.Here are a few pictures from that trip:

Areca-nut is grown extensively in southern parts of India and this was a tent that was put up to protect the drying areca_nut from any sudden bursts of Rain . Below are the areca_nut trees: 

I want to give the above picture some fancy history but unfortunately for me this was nothing more than a discarded toilet that were extensively used in the olden days :)

A well which is still in use...and adorned on either sides by some flowering plants..

  Any person could easily have been intrigued by this cute kitten and its friends. This is just one of the many snaps that I had clicked of this curious little kitten.

I am so jealous of my cousins as they stay a few mins away from this gorgeous location. The point and shoot camera that I am more than happy with usually,was just not enough while capturing the actual beauty of this particular location.  

A dried leaf was stuck to a stone in the bottom of the stream.

This was what I woke up to in the morning :) The life there is so slow and calm that even sun took its time to rise.It was 7 30 by the time the golden jewel lit the sky.

The colorful buildings around,The ivory colored Gopura of the temple ,the Massive chariot , and the back drop of the fog covered hills bathed in the morning sunlight was definitely a sight I wanted to remember for ever. 

Something has Changed!!

      I have been very irregular with my posts the previous month. But I worked on my blog a lot for the whole redesign with the help of one of my friends from the The Travel Blog . I still am working on certain issues and it might take some time to complete the whole transition process. In the mean while you can go and check out his fun and interesting blog :)

So to start of with,what have I done with my blog?
Many of them are tiny stuffs which may or may not have made a difference to the readers but I think they were necessary and important.So I am going to point those out so you will know that I did put a lot of thought and effort to the whole process...If you are not interested you could definitely stop reading right here and move on :) I wouldn't feel bad promise ;)

1) I changed the background ,header and color layout (Duh!!  I know you have noticed...but I felt obliged to stress on that again ;)I actually had come up with a couple or more designs and tried those but ended up with this finally ) The animated header has to be easily my favorite part of the blog :)

2) I made the size of the body of the blog bigger so now I can fit in larger pictures. With the old layout the large pictures would go past the body outline and hence I was forced to use only smaller size pictures.

3) I made Navigation easier for my Breeze From the Past (BFP) series and also added a page of Contents for it.

4)I have made the whole layout as minimalistic and simple as possible (eg: separate archive page) as I think it is important to keep as little distraction as possible on my main page. Readers can now concentrate on my posts rather than on whats around it. 

5) I have added an "About me" page with a few tit bits about me :)

6)I plan on starting a new "puzzled by me" post series where I would be posting a puzzle hopefully once a week so that readers interested can try and solve these puzzles :) I want to stress on one fact here that I would be collecting the puzzles from various books and Internet sources and none of them will be my own unless stated otherwise.

And the list ends there :)  More posts coming up soon :)