Saturday, February 5, 2011

A trip to the Subrahmanya

Between Jan 14th and 17th I had been to a place called Kukke Subrahmanya and visited the amazing temple there and a few of my relatives' houses around there.Here are a few pictures from that trip:

Areca-nut is grown extensively in southern parts of India and this was a tent that was put up to protect the drying areca_nut from any sudden bursts of Rain . Below are the areca_nut trees: 

I want to give the above picture some fancy history but unfortunately for me this was nothing more than a discarded toilet that were extensively used in the olden days :)

A well which is still in use...and adorned on either sides by some flowering plants..

  Any person could easily have been intrigued by this cute kitten and its friends. This is just one of the many snaps that I had clicked of this curious little kitten.

I am so jealous of my cousins as they stay a few mins away from this gorgeous location. The point and shoot camera that I am more than happy with usually,was just not enough while capturing the actual beauty of this particular location.  

A dried leaf was stuck to a stone in the bottom of the stream.

This was what I woke up to in the morning :) The life there is so slow and calm that even sun took its time to rise.It was 7 30 by the time the golden jewel lit the sky.

The colorful buildings around,The ivory colored Gopura of the temple ,the Massive chariot , and the back drop of the fog covered hills bathed in the morning sunlight was definitely a sight I wanted to remember for ever. 


  1. Good Photography + Nice Mobile camera = Marvelous Pics :)

  2. Such a lovely place to visit, and I learned alot too. I didn't know much about the areca nut, but now I do, thanks to your link!!

  3. I totally love the dried leaf pic!! :)