Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have always thought taking photographs of people is rather difficult and have always shied away from trying to do that. But today I decided to throw caution to wind and showcase my attempt at taking portraits. So here are a few of my initial experiment:

This is my super cute nephew and guide in one of my trips to his house. He was such an adorable kid and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with him.:)

This was from the same trip and includes my cousin and her daughter. I just liked the expression on both their faces for some reason...though the picture wasn't perfect.

This was from the Subrahmanya trip. The color dress that this Bhaktha was wearing was really attractive and different and I felt compelled to take his picture.

And finally,my favorite-this is a picture of my cousin's granny .

I know I am still a long way from getting perfect images,but the journey to reach perfection is still a memorable one and I wanted to share it .Hope you guys liked it:) 

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