Friday, December 31, 2010

Old Poems...New year..

Hello :)
So its finally the end of 2010...And the count down has begun:)
Here's a poem that I had written when I was 10 years old...n it was 2000's eve.I found it while I was going through my old poems and felt compelled to share it:)


Millennium Millennium the Bi millennium is coming,
With all the fresh ideas and the new saplings...
Just think about it
and You will never forget the hit,
Millennium Millennium the Bi millennium is nearing.
Welcome it with sweet words like good morning.
Think of the day,
Everyone filled with gay..
Decorating the houses like honey bee,
Fully busy whatever it may be..
Wah! What a day it would be,
With all the eagerness to celebrate the Bi millennium.

LOL:) I was so proud of my poetry skills;) Wish you all a very Happy new year!!:) Have fun!!

Temples and scultptures

Had been to a temple near my house a few days back and clicked a few snaps of the sculptures and idols...Check it out:)

Does anyone remember my post about the magic no 7? So ya I decided to put 7 posts per month for 7 months and now I am going to double blog today to consider myself successful;) Also, starting from next year onwards(& luckily 7 months got over at the right time for me huh?;) ) I plan on not having any plans...Thats right!! I will not restrict the number of posts and will keep posting as and when I feel like it. 
Looking forward for a fresh start now!!:)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Just stuffs...

Have been quite busy with life now...So here's just a few things that I did ...not very recently.

Its just funny how I seem to make time when I have work from morning to evening to do all these things...but I just seem to not have any time at all during the vacation to spend on the small pleasures in life and it all just seems to pass by in a whirl wind. Well I guess it is my fault considering I cant seem to stop hopping from one house to another each day (Oh don't worry its not random houses ...just my cousin's houses and for sleep overs:)) plus have a new trilogy that I seem to be hooked to!!:)

Ooh and I almost forgot...Wish you all a belated Merry Christmas...:)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The home...

I just wanted to let the pictures do the talking...

Just thinking: Do animals and plants ever feel unsatisfied about their homes like sometimes people tend to feel?  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sea horses !!!

My cousin got these Do-it-Yourself HobbyIdeas engraving kit and I decided to give it a try...

We are supposed to scrape out the parts which are red in color using the tool given. The part above the dotted line was for practice.(which,I have to say was very useful!!)

Soon I was hooked and decided I ll finish the whole thing and just give her the finished product ;) :)

I love the way it looks...the combination of copper color and black is pretty amazing!!:)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guest post on Eben Lemon

I did my first ever guest post today!!! You can check it out here:

sneak peek: 

Emma has been very sweet and allowed me to put a guest post on her blog.Be sure to check out her lovely blog too:

She also has a very nice little collection of goodies in her shop here:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A walk that I'll remember...

I went to my cousin's house a few days ago and we both had gone for a long walk around her house. I was as usual snapping photos of all things when I just got a thought...Just like how humans have different reactions when in front of camera, how wonderful/weird(depend on the reaction) would it be if everything else too reacted to camera...This is what I think were the reactions of my subject:

The sun smiled as it cast a rainbow in the sky.

The lights twinkled like diamonds on a bride's neck

The hungry animals ignored my presence

The blue flowers complained about the lady bug

This little pretty flower set its hair pollens

And the big red one observed its surrounding.

The tiny crater called for my attention

And the massive rocks stood erect and serious.

The roads puffed-up their chest and made themselves seem longer

Yet this brave girl took on the path less taken

The exited city showed off its colors

And the barren land proudly exhibited its own set of emotions.

The struggling tree looked up with hope         

while the naive leaf flirted with the camera.

This bouquet sent a silent message to be unique and yourself

The whole series would feel incomplete if I didnt include the picture of this family who saw me clicking pictures and requested me to click one picture of them too...I love the expressions on each one of them and the green background just adds to the whole country side-feel of the picture:)