Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cousin's story

My cousin who is still in school was stuck with an assignment " Write an original love story with a little twist". So she had come over for a little inspiration. Initially she was stuck with
"That day, after college, everyone felt in a good mood because the weather was suddenly gay and soft like spring. They hung around outside, the whole class together, which was something they never did. We were on our way home, me and my friends and We took the bus with the number 365 as usual. As always It was like a can of packed sardine.
But that wasn’t bothering me, something else was. I just couldn’t understand why was I thinking about him so repeatedly. His chiseled chin, that messy hair, his cute cardigan, I just couldn’t wipe him from the mind.
It all started when we were 8 years old, as we cycled

But then a little prodding with a new story line and a lot of encouragement had her come up with a cute and lovely story:) Plus she was kind enough to let me share it in my blog...
So here's the final product:

The pitter patter of the rain broke me from my reverie and I realised it was already 8:00 in the morning. I wore my grey suit that I usually wore on Mondays and went down for my breakfast. Like any other household wife and a mother of 28 year old engineer, my mother  brought up the topic yet again. “I have become old now. All I want to do is see my son get married to a proper Indian girl and take care of small cute grandkids”.
“Mom!! Not again. Please... we have had this talk before. Times have changed and love doesn’t really exist anymore like it used to” I retorted as I always do. “Kids these days just don’t have patience. Besides, it wasn’t really smooth sailing for your dad and me too, you know” she said. I was about to come up with another clever line to cut out the argument and change the topic once and for all. But then I stopped and thought, did my parents really have trouble in marital heaven they seemed to live in? The more I thought I realised how little I actually knew about them and their life before I was born. So I asked her “Mum, how did you and dad actually get married...Tell me about your story”.
My mother paused, with the ladle still in her hand and turned to look at me. “Do you really want to know?” she asked and I nodded my head in affirmative. She stopped what she was doing and came and sat next to me. I couldn’t stop smiling as she seemed like a giddy teenager sharing her first crush with her best friends. All I had ever heard was how boring an arranged marriage is and how little a person knows about the life partner in such situations and how much of a gamble it is to play with your life.
But then, that day hearing my mother’s stories, of small excitements like a shy ride on the scooter for the first time to eat ice-cream, skipping a family function so that they could spend more time with each other, my dad eagerly waiting with hot home cooked [and slightly burnt] dinner for mother when she returned from her first visit to her parents house reminded me that their love was still very strong. Due to my busy schedule I barely noticed their love which exists till date. Even though they fought for the silliest reasons, I remember hearing their love whispers and how they showed signs of loving each other secretly and their long drives by the suburbs. I was mesmerised and couldn’t help but get excited with her. I understood that love was not about giving flower bouquets, gifts or celebrating valentine’s day, It was about those small things that they do for each other in everyday life. She suddenly stopped and she pointed at the clock with the ladle. “Aren’t you late?” she asked. I was really late. I ran out and pulled my bike out. As I put my helmet I noticed that the rain had stopped and the sun had just peeked from the clouds. It was turning out to be a good day after all.

All I can say in the end, is that I hope I can live a love story as interesting as my parents.

I think that was a pretty charming story. Don't you? :) 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


A week earlier I got a chance to watch a yakshagana performance in my Dad's office.

I loved the expression on each and every one of the artists there...:)
It was performed by the "Shri Anantha padhmanabha Dashanvathara yakshagana mandali,porduru" and they were kind enough to let me back stage too .

One of my major fascinations was the props that were used by the various artists

I wonder how they made their footwork seem so effortless..

And I wouldnt be doing any justice without mentioning that the best performer was the jumping joker :) 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Of handwritings and gift bags...

If someone askes me what is it that you hate about yourself,I could probably come up with a million things...Handwriting would probably feature in the top 20. But there are some things which cannot be changed and there are a few which can be but are very very difficult to,handwriting falling into the later category..and we have to accept those qualities and just move on. So I have now come to peace with my horrible handwriting and decided to show case that in one of my art projects...I know that wasnt totally necessary...yet I dared to do it!! :)

Also one of my good friends got me a fun DIY gift bags kit..I enjoyed doing the following simple and cute gift bags from that kit:)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Of Mythical creatures and Bronze statues

Like a fantasy book, Hindu Mythology is filled with quite a few fascinating Mythical creatures. I happened to encounter a few bronze statues which interpreted these creatures quite well a few days ago.
Unfortunately I am not in a position to identify each of these creatures:( And I didn't want to end up giving wrong information, So I will stick to just showing the photographs. If anyone can identify all of these statues are or can point to sources which give an explanation related to these , it would be very helpful and well appreciated!! :)


I do thing where I have pictures which I want to upload in my blog but I would be lost for words...
I woudn't know what to write ,how to describe it,should it be funny? or should I just give an explanation of what I have done and be done with it...
So I end up having this string of posts saved up in drafts with just half written lines and a series of images...
So if any of you are wondering how and where I am coming up with all these posts...Its just clearing my drafts..:)

These were just a few painitngs that I had made about 2-3 months back.

I dont know what was going through my head when I these paintings...I just used a few colours that I liked and did a simple design to connect them together...:)

I would like to name this shooting stars:) And for the record, I had come up with this all on my own and then I had a stinking feeling that this concept would definitely have been around for quite some time and I had to go ahead and google it to see if my instinct was right...and unfortunately it was...:( but never mind...I am still going to stick with the name:)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Early morning Nat was woken up by a call from his brother. Nat immediately freshened up and went on to meet his brother as he seemed like he wanted to have a serious conversation. Charlie met Nat even before he could enter the house and took him outside. Charlie jumped directly into topic."Nat this is about Elezabeth. I didn't tell you the complete story when I told you about her. She is not really from a different country. She is from a different age." and then he continued on to tell the whole story. He also showed the letters that they had found and the locket that had transported her to this era. He told her the whole story that she had told. 

The science geek in Nat refused to believe in what his brother was telling him. But then he knew why his brother had kept this piece piece of information from him till now and he also knew that there must have been something which would have proved that what she was saying was true if his brother had decided to tell the truth now. "So you now believe her story? " Nat asked his brother.

"The thing is...I am not sure what to believe in. Katy is an expert and Katy believes she could be really from the past. Else she would have to a very good historian and actress to have convinced her otherwise. Also I remember how distraught she was on the day I found her. I dont think that could have been faked. I also remember when I was leading her towards the guest room she seemed mortified that I was sending her off to the stables." he chuckled and Nat joined along. "So this was either the same house she lived in or she would have to have observed this place for a really long time and done proper research into this family and house. But the thing is why would she lie...if she was lying that is" Nat wondered out aloud."Which we can try and confirm by doing some research and back ground checks." " But what do we search for? Random people who were lurking around here?One of us would have noticed if something unusual was happening around here for sure" "We could first start with history. Find the newspapers from the past and see for any records which would lead to some mention of Elizabeth's family. According to her story her whole family was killed in this robbery. There must be some mention of that at least." "Lets go check in the net. We might find some archives  stored somewhere." And both the brothers hurried inside.
 After poring through various sites for a some time , they found a library in the city where they would find all the news papers around the timeline from which Elizabeth was. As Charlie had to go meet the customers, so Nat decided that he would go and search the newspapers for any information related to Elizabeth. Charlie did not remember the exact date when her family was attacked. So he asked Katy to help him with the investigation. She decided she would make small talk with Elizabeth and try to gain as much information as she could without raising the suspicion.  She also intended to examine the necklace and the locket to ensure the authenticity. 

So Katy decided to ask Elizabeth to help around in their own garden and both Katy and Elizabeth went out with the garden tools. Katy initially just told her about what she had in mind for the day and which patch was to be cleaned and which seeds to sown. Then she casually started talking about how they had come upon the house and how they renovated it."So was this the place where you lived when you were..." "in the past? Yes. I can see that the rooms are similar in the main house. But the decoration seem to be differnet. But then as I haven't really gotten a proper tour of the house, I wouldn't be able to say for sure."

Being aware that Elizabeth could be a fraud for all she knew,  Katy didn't feel very comfortable showing the whole house to Elizabeth. So she decided to play a little game and make the conversation a little lighter. "Ok , why don't you just draw a map of the house , the way it was when you were in the past and then I will tell you if its still used for the same purpose." she said with a smile and handed her a stick.
Elizabeth looked at her with a twinkle in her eyes and started drawing all the rooms and showed her the map of the whole house. While Elizabeth wasn't looking, Katy kept taking pictures of the map so that they could compare later with the house and see if that would give any clues as to her origin. At times Elizabeth would get distracted and talk about an event that occurred in a particular room or about people from her family who used to live there. She also spoke about an attic where her nephew loved to play but was scared to go in there alone.Katy didn't remember any attic being there when they built the house and figured the attic must have burned down or ruined at some point of time.  She made a quick not of that too and asked Elizabeth to show that in the map and point towards the entrance. Elizabeth did it through one of the rooms inside the house. And continued to spin another story from her life.
 Katy and Elizabeth spent quite some time with their heads bent in the garden and finally it was almost noon by the time they got back inside the house. Katy and Elizabeth had a quick lunch and then Katy went to her lab to along with the letters , the locket and other items that she had found in the trunk. Elizabeth had already left for helping Charlie's parents ,so KAty also sneaked into Elizabeth's room and took the clothes that Elizabeth was wearing the first time she met Charlie too from her room .

She also called Nat and gave him all the information she had managed to collect and both of them were determined to find out everything they could about this mysterious girl from the past.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My area...

A whole big fat year is up since I finished college started working...I have finished going through all the emotions of a newby(the first appreciation mail, the first mistake, the fire drill, the cultural day, the cricket matches, the team outings, an overnight trip and the list goes on...)   and have become a proper professional I guess.
So now would be a good time to show you how my cubicle looked for the past year(well one interesting side of the cube at least) 

These voodoo dolls were supposed to bring me bad luck or were put there atleast to test if they would ;) :) Too bad they are not going back...

These treasures were added as part of the gifts from some of my very good friends:) 
The Arabian lady and man was given to me as part of a game called "White elephant" . I know there is a lot of luck involved but the fact that this gift was bought keeping me in mind made winning this so much better:) 
The mug with a dog was given to me by my friend as a token of thank you for volunteering in organising in one of the activities held in office.

I had seen this idea of birds on a line somewhere in internet.(Unfortunately I don have the link) and had fallen in love with the idea. So I ended up using that in my cube decoration too.

And this was a contribution from one of my witty friends:) He decided that the bird had to poop and there had to be a guy standing right below that bird :D 

This small peek by itself is enough to show that work life and a 9-5 job is not necessarily boring:) but yes there are times when you wish you could just stay under you bed covers and not have to leave at all...
Well they are all part of life don't you think?? :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A travelling soul...(Part 1)

I went travelling to Hampi a few days back with my team from office and we had a blast there:) I fell in love with the architecture there.Here are a few pics from that place..

more coming up soon:)